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Meder Beauty Home Care

Meder homecare presents a highly effective skincare regime for improving and maintaining skin health. As well as correcting existing skin damage, it also protects healthy skin from environmental factors and nourishes the skin with biologically active nutrients for a youthful glowing complexion. 

 Whatever the skin condition, Meder offers a variety of non-invasive solutions to achieve smoother, healthier radiant skin. 

Meder homecare products include three categories:


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The first step of the skincare routine is preparing the skin to help the active ingredients penetrate into its deeper layers. This includes cleansing, smoothing the upper layers of the skin and enhancing its permeability. It is important that the skin is not irritated or injured during this stage – all products used for skin cleansing and preparation take all its physiological characteristics into account. 


Refreshing gel-emulsion for sensitive and damaged skin. 

Ideal cleansing for thin, traumatized, irritated and sensitive skin. 

Yoghurt powder restores healthy skin microflora, goats milk peptides calm and moisturize, Malva Sylvestris boosts skin micro-circulation and provides antioxidant activity. 

Nrj-Net Cleansing Cream En1

Cleansing emulsion for all skin types: normal, dry or oil-prone skin. 

 The active emulsion restores skin micro-circulation, boosts oxygenation of the deeper skin layers, enhances drainage and strengthens the capillary walls. In just a few days you will notice improved firmness and an even tone. The emulsion softly rids the skin of impurities without damaging it and evens and brightens the complexion. 


Enzyme mask for skin exfoliation. All skin types. 

 Factors such as age and damaging exposure to environmental factors increases the number of dead skin cells and causes the upper layer of the skin to become rough and uneven. Regular exfoliation helps to even out the upper layer of the skin, slows down the processes of ageing and prevents inflammatory processes. Regular exfoliation improves the permeability of the skin and helps the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. 

 Enzyme exfoliating mask is a unique mask that exfoliates, brightens, minimises pores, nourishes, moisturizes, evens out skin tone and purifies. The smoothing effect of the mask is comparable to a chemical peel but without any irritation. The Enzy-Peel calms and softens the skin and can be used on both sensitive and oily skin. 


Soft antioxidant serum for thin, traumatized, irritated and sensitive skin. 

Natural extract of Centella Asiatica provides drainage and anti-inflammation effects, minimizes allergic reactions, reduces skin sensitivity and accelerates the healing process after cosmetic treatments. With regular use, it boosts collagen synthesis and slows down ageing; skin becomes more dense and elastic. 


Serum antioxidant for all skin type 

 Toning, smoothing and rejuvenating serum is a topical antioxidant cocktail used to restore skin circulation, even out colour and texture, minimise pores and boost the effect of the active ingredients in concentrates, sous-crème and daily creams. This serum minimizes the effects of modern city smoke and pollution on the skin. 


Aesthetic problems, including the appearance of signs of ageing, require a special solution. We define five main problems: 

  • decrease in skin tone and elasticity; 
  • dehydration and dryness of the skin; 
  • puffiness and excess fat deposits; 
  • increased sebum production and chronic inflammations. 

High concentrations of active ingredients presented in products from this range help to successfully decrease the severity of problems and quite often even to resolve them completely. The products from Active Care range can be used as an intensive course as a part of your skin care routine at home as well as to increase and preserve the effect from professional treatments. 

Concentré Myo-Fix Mf4

Wrinkle correcting concentrate providing immediate smoothing effects as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The unique formula includes three strong myorelaxing peptides and creates a skin immobilization effect, while preserving natural facial expression. A light numbing sensaton may occur in the areas of application. Wrinkles are significantly reduced in the first few days of using the concentrate.

Masque Myo-Fix Mf5

This wrinkle correction mask increases the penetration of the Myo-Fix concentrate, fills in fine lines, stimulates collagen production and a cocktail of three active neuropeptides substantially decreases mimic muscle activity. Brightens, evens out and lifts the skin. You will see results after the first application!

Concentré Lipo-Oval Lo4

Fat correction concentrate enabling ” facial weight loss” in the very first weeks. Regular use of the concentrate reduces the appearance of a double chin and puffiness. Also delivers age-defying effects for clients with excessive body weight.

Masque Lipo-Oval Lo5

Hydrogel in the Lipo-Oval Mask contains a high concentration of lipolytics. The mask provides active lipolytic effect as well as drainage, evening out skin tone, calms and lifts the skin and successfully diminishes double chins. Also enhances penetration of Lipo-Oval concentrate’s active ingredients.

Concentré Arma-Lift Al4

Highly effective age-defying concentrate quickly restores skin firmness and elasticity and reduces all age-related marks. A soft gel distributes evenly on the skin leaving it fresh and moisturized. The powerful stimulating effect of the concentrate delivers visible results in just a few days – namely, lifting and wrinkle smoothing.

Masque Arma-Lift Al5

A unique mask soaked in hydro gel containing a biotechnological peptide identical to the Epidermis Growth Factor. Boosts rejuvenation of the epidermis and skin regeneration, increases collagen and elastin production and provides true rejuvenation and face lifting effects.

Concentré Hydra-Fill Hf4

Light concentrate with a “Photoshop effect” moisturizes deep tissues and fills in fine lines, immediately restoring a feeling of comfort while decreasing skin sensitivity and irritation. Regular application reduces fine lines, replenishes moisture, evens out the skin and minimises pores. Essential for dry, dehydrated and damaged skin.

Masque Hydra-Fill Hf5

Light concentrate with a “Photoshop effect” moisturizes deep tissues and fills in fine lines, immediately restoring a feeling of comfort while decreasing skin sensitivity and irritation. Regular application reduces fine lines, replenishes moisture, evens out the skin and minimises pores. Essential for dry, dehydrated and damaged skin.

Concentré Eu-Seb Es4

A very easy to use, light concentrate developed specifically for skin prone to inflammation and breakouts. Regular use creates conditions for developing healthy skin flora, lessens inflammation, regulates sebum, minimises pores and evens out skin tone.

Masque Eu-Seb Es5

Mask for problem and oily skin. Hydro gel in the mask reduces the activity of pathogen microbes and restores healthy skin “ecoflora”. The mask calms the skin, decreases inflammation, regulates sebum, evens out skin tone and brightens the skin.


The main purpose of the daily skin care for face, neck and décolleté is to restore and support protective function of the skin, enhance its synthesis capabilities and maintain healthy balance of sebum production. In order to slow down the processes of ageing, an additional step boosting the hydration of the skin can be added to the daily routine, if required.

Créme Blepharo-Night Bn7.1

Active ingredients of Blepharo-Night provide powerful antioxidant effects, restore membranes and stimulate synthesis of the skin’s peptides. Cream contains Escin, a powerful veinotonic. In just a few days you will notice its incredible drainage and anti-puffiness effects!

Créme Blepharo-Day Bd7.1

Cream Blepharo-Day helps skin synthesis: according to scientific research, in just two weeks collagen production is increased by up to 40%, microcirculation is restored, skin oxygenation is increased, natural drainage is improved and skin is visibly brighter. It is also possible to use the cream as a protective concealer due to its light-reflecting particles.

Créme Salva-Derm Sd7

High concentration of active components for effective moisturisation and rejuvenation of dry, sensitive and damaged skin. Crème Salva-Derm restores lipid membranes, decreases skin sensitivity, provides deep hydration, stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in derma and provides a visible lifting effect.

Créme Equa-Derm Ed7

Cream for oily, porous skin prone to inflammation. As a rule, increased sebum production coexists with changes in normal skin flora. Equa-Derm crème restores healthy microflora, reduces the activity of pathogen bacteria and inflammation, boosts the protective function of the skin, moisturizes, brightens and evens out skin tone.

Créme Arma-Derm Ad7

Cream for dry, mature and ageing skin of face, neck and décolleté. 

 With age, skin significantly loses its ability to store moisture at its surface; skin becomes thinner, drier and less elastic. In this case it is essential to provide active nourishment and protection for the skin and maintain its elasticity. Arma-Derm crème restores the skin’s lipid mantle, provides an active anti-oxidant effect, natural lifting and protects the skin from external damaging factors. 

Sous-Créme Derma-Fill Df6

A gel-emulsion for deep moisturisation, sous-créme Derma-Fill contains hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract and is ideal for deep hydration and rejuvenation of even very dry and damaged skin. Provides visible effects of smoothing fine lines and restoring salt and water balance. Ideal priming before make-up. In just 7-8 days skin becomes more dense, firm and bright.


Meder Beauty Science Mask Application

Founded by dermatology doctor, Dr Tiina Orasmae-Meder, Meder Beauty specialises in non-invasive transdermal professional treatments and highly effective premium skincare products pioneering the latest advances in biotechnological ingredients.

Meder Beauty Pofessional Treatments

Meder Beauty also offer 5 unsurpased professional treatments that are easily marketable and highly profitable professional treatments for most widespread aesthetic problems. The results of the treatments are instantly noticeable and lasting while being achieved without pain, risk or skin trauma. Click Here for ProfessionalRange 


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Before and after image of Lipo-Oval treatment

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